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Coming in September
The 2020 Tax Season will be a success when you partner with Magagna & Company for your tax forms.
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The 2020 Tax Forms Season is Approaching Quickly!
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The 2020 Tax Form Season is swiftly approaching. Don’t wait until the last minute to start preparing your corporate tax forms. From standard W-2 forms to 1099’s we have the right form for you. Our IRS approved tax forms work with most tax preparation software programs and laser printers.

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Not Sure What Forms You’ll Need This Year?

Use the Tax Form Wizard below to find the forms you need for your accounting software. We have everything for filing your employee tax documents including: self-sealing envelopes, w2s and 1099 Forms.

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Follow the link “Additional Information” inside the Tax Form Wizard to learn more regarding:

  • The specific filing requirements for your state
  • Who gets what… A guide to recipients and distribution
  • IRS/SSA Form Changes
  • Electronic Filing Information
  • What forms have changed for the current tax year’s filing
  • Common terms and wording
  • And a Guide to Frequently Asked Questions