Customer Satisfaction Policy

Return Policy

Custom Printed Items: Because of the custom nature of our printing and fulfillment processes, we CANNOT accept returns, exchanges, or offer refunds of custom printed items once an order has been approved. It is your sole responsibility as the customer to confirm the accuracy of all data, graphics and content contained in your order prior to approving and submitting your order. Your information and data will print exactly as the PDF proof displays or was entered and approved by you on our online print portals. Magagna & Company will not be responsible for any incomplete or inaccurate information or for any typos associated with your order. If the error appears to be at fault of Magagna & Company, please review our reprint policy and contact us.


Stock or Standardized Items: Magagna & Company will accept returns on standard stock items including forms on a case by case basis. Requests for returns must be filed within 15 days of product receipt.


Reprint Policy

Customers are asked to thoroughly examine all orders upon receipt. 

If an error has occurred during the production of the items received or a shipment arrives damaged, the customer may request a reprint. Magagna & Company must be notified of this request by letter, e-mail, or fax within 15 days of delivery. Upon receipt of an explanation of the problem, Magagna & Company will review the request and damaged items (if included) and determine a resolution. Each reprint request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Reasons for a reprint may include:

  • Wrong ink color*
  • Poor print quality or cut incorrectly
  • Items damaged during shipping (items will be picked up by shipper)
  • Incorrect stock

Proofreading Policy

When ordering online: Review the proof closely.
If ordering online a PDF proof will be provided. The information on the proof will print as is, and if something doesn’t look right or doesn’t fit, please do not proceed with the order. Call or contact Customer support “Comments” and a corrected proof will be provided.


When ordering by phone, fax, or email: Review the proof closely.
This proof is provided by email as a PDF, or if requested, as a hard copy proof.  It is important to review your proof carefully, especially if there have been any changes requested that must be typeset.

Magagna & Company will not be responsible for any client proofing errors including spelling and grammar errors.
Before approving any proof, check for typographical errors, correct positioning of all horizontal and vertical rules, pixelation, placement of consecutive numbers, punched holes, perforations, and missing or incorrect information etc.

Orders will not be printed until Magagna & Company receives a written confirmation of proof approval.

If you have questions or concerns, please call our Customer Service Department at (484) 243-6167.

– Thank You!


*Ink colors many not print exactly as they appear on screen. Furthermore, if exact match Pantone Colors are desired, this must be stated and acknowledged by Magagna & Company prior to printing.


Last Updated: August 10,2021