How Changes in Vendor Diversity Status Affect Non-profits and Corporate Print Purchasing

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How Changes in Vendor Diversity Status Affect Non-profits and Corporate Print Purchasing

Some big changes in vendor status have non-profits and corporations looking for new options. For example, CRW Graphics, a former WBENC Certified business was recently acquired and lost its Diversity Status, which led to some clients losing out on their tax incentives and goodwill that comes along with using a Diversity vendor. WHY does working with a WBENC Certified company matter? In most states, organizations are required to use diversified vendors.Tax incentives, especially in the for-profit world can be significant.Diversity brings innovation by creating an ... Read more

4 Ways Printed Marketing Materials Engage Users

In a technological world where everyone is digitally connected it makes sense to promote your business digitally across multiple platforms. But what about print? Many marketing professionals ask the question – is print a good investment for ROI on marketing initiatives? The answer is YES! Absolutely. Print isn’t dead. In fact, it’s very much alive and well designed printed advertisements actively engage our brains! According to research from Temple University consumer neuroscience researchers in a study conducted for the U.S. Post Office, the results make a very ... Read more

What Are Envelopes: Intro Lesson 101

Invitations, greeting cards, invoices, and advertisements are just a few of the many pieces of mail that one receives daily and many of these always arrive inside of an ENVELOPE. What most people don’t know is how many different shapes, sizes, and styles of envelopes there really are. Here are some quick tips when thinking about envelopes. Envelopes are a First Impression The envelope is a very important mailing tool, as it’s the first piece the end user sees. The most important goal ... Read more

Where Did Business Cards Originate?

10 billion business cards are handed out each year and most are thrown out within a week. Splash color cards are held on to 10x longer than their standard cohorts. For every 2,000 business cards distributed, a company’s sales will increase by 2.5%. Despite knowing many facts and figures, it’s rare anyone contemplates the emergence of such a ubiquitous practice. While popular references may make us believe standard practice began in the great socioeconomic boom of the 1980’s, the actual origin lands ... Read more

Word of Today: Foil

Foil Stamping Foil, or foil stamping is a decorative printing process yielding a metallic glint. Most notably, foils are used to create unique, elegant designs that work on an instinctual level for our preferences. This process is done by applying heat and pressure to a metallic or pigmented foil on to a solid surface. The foil is left permanently adhered to the surface leaving the design of the die (carved metal plates). Since there are no liquid inks involved, this is a dry ... Read more

5 Things to Remember When Preparing Your Art for Print

It’s more common than not for art production departments to suffer from a serious case of the “hurry-up-and-wait.” Deadlines are missed, last minute changes are made, and content rapidly changes. While rushing to meet a last minute deadline, it can be easy to breeze past the fundamentals of artwork preparation. To combat the chaos and prevent further delays from art production errors, I created the mnemonic “Five Basic Rules to Check” before printing. Files, Bleeds, Resolution, Type, and Color Below are the “Five Basic ... Read more

Word of Today: NCR

NCR Forms and Paper - No Carbon Required The term NCR typically refers to a type of multi-page form or paper and stands for No Carbon Required. NCF forms are created from NCR paper for the purpose of creating quick and inexpensive multiple copies of the same form with or without the use of a printer. The pages of an NCR form are referred to as a parts and standard NCR forms are offered in sets of 2 to 6 parts, whereby each ... Read more

Change in Postage Rates Coming Soon

During the Woodrow Wilson era in 1919, prices fell from 3 to 2 cents for first class mail. Almost 100 years later, postage rates are dropping once again. In mid-April, prices will fall after an almost 3  year temporary increase from 49 cents to 47. Postcard rates will be 34 cents and international mail rates will dip 5 cents down to $1.15. The increase was originally meant to combat an over $7 billion deficit due to the great recession. As a temporary measure ... Read more

New for 2015 – ACA Forms

This upcoming January 2016, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Employer Shared Responsibility Rule requires employers to file annual information returns. These new forms (1095B and 1095C) will be required in addition to the already required income reports. The ACA forms will report coverage information to the IRS for enrolled employees and former employees. This submitted data contains details of employees’ health insurance coverage, and will be used to verify that the minimum essential coverage (MEC) requirement has been met. Employees and their ... Read more

Term of Today: Back to Back

The printing term "Back to Back" indicates that the paper is printing on both sides, the front and back. This term is interchangeable with "double-sided" printing and can also be written in shorthand for CMYK printing that has all 4 color inks on both sides as 4/4. Additionally, a document that has full color on one side and a single color on the other side can be written as 4/1. Read more
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