Why Non-Profit Organizations Should Use a Mail House

There are many benefits for a non-profit organization, when they choose to use a mail house like Magagna & Company for mailing a monthly or annual non-profit appeal. The biggest reason is cost savings. The presorted AADC first class letter rate is .384 per piece vs the self-stamping first class rate of .46. This translates to a $760.00 savings on a 10,000 piece mailing.

Reduce Mailing Costs

At our mail house in Conshohocken, we are able reduce your mailing costs by hundreds and even thousands annually; depending on the frequency and size of your mailings, by efficiently preparing your mail by:

  • deduping (removing duplicate or incomplete addresses)
  • checking against the NCOA database (National Change of Address)
  • presorting by zip code
  • optimizing for automation

When a letter is automation compatible, the mail is addressed so that it can be sorted by automated equipment. An Automation letter or flat mail is mail that is 100% barcoded using an Intelligent Mail™ barcode (IMb) and can be prepared to be read by the Postal Service’s high-speed mail processing equipment. This helps by reducing the post office’s costs of more labor-intensive sorting methods, in turn, they then pass along the savings to you in the form of lower postage rates.

non-profit mail house

To further the savings, we also sort the mail by zip code (presorted mail) for additional ease of delivery at the post office.

The only stipulation for sending presorted mail is that you must meet the following minimums for each type of mail: First-class Mail: 500 pieces Standard Mail: 200 pieces or 50 pounds

Non-Profit Indicia Usage for Reduced Mailing Costs

Our mail house can also prepare mail using your non-profit indicia for increased savings on standard mail that does not contain any time-sensitive material as this can take anywhere from 3 days up to 3 weeks for delivery.

In addition to mailing, as a full-service provider of printing and direct mail, Magagna & Company has been able to help many non-profits further reduce the cost of their mail campaigns as we are a one-stop resource with the capability to design, print, and mail – reducing costs by pricing the entire project as a bundle.

Ready to get started on your non-profit mailing?

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Need to register for a non-profit indicia? Click Here to view the application!
Instructions for applying can be found on the USPS’ website.


There is no application fee for registered non-profit organizations.