Proofing Policy

Accuracy of the final printed product is the customer’s responsibility.


We will email you a PDF proof, please pay careful attention to:

  • Typesetting, Spelling, and Grammar
  • Position and Placement
  • Phone Numbers and Addresses
  • Fonts, Boldness and Clarity of Type
  • Photography and Captions


You may respond to your proof with one of the following replies:

  • OK to Print
  • OK with Changes (please list changes)
  • Another Proof Requested

We will not proceed to print without a written confirmation of approved artwork.



Failure to respond promptly may affect the delivery date of your job.

Requested changes to a proof are considered Artwork Alterations and will be billed at an hourly rate.


Please note, Magagna & Company provides one PDF proof for each project free of charge. 

Additional PDF proofing charges may apply for artwork changes that require new PDFs.


Last Updated August 2021