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Word of Today: NCR

NCR Forms and Paper - No Carbon Required The term NCR typically refers to a type of multi-page form or paper and stands for No Carbon Required. NCF forms are created from NCR paper for the purpose of creating quick and inexpensive multiple copies of the same form with or without the use of a printer. The pages of an NCR form are referred to as a parts and standard NCR forms are offered in sets of 2 to 6 parts, whereby each ... Read more

Word of Today: Demy

A demy is a print industry term used to describe a standard sized piece of paper measuring 17.5 x 22.5 inches. Read more

Coated Paper vs Uncoated Paper

There are limitless choices of paper or "stock" as we like to call it but it all boils down into to main categories. Coated Paper and Uncoated Paper. Coated Paper Coating is a process by which paper is coated using blades or rollers to apply the coating agent for improved brightness or printing properties.  This process of "sealing" the the paper allows the coating to fill in the tiny crevices between the fibers of the paper to give it a smooth, flat surface. Depending on the ... Read more