Direct Mail Marketing: 4 Helpful Tips for Non-Profit Organizations

Most people love to receive a personalized card or letter in the mail.  

Here are some helpful tips on how to get your prospect to open their “Non-profit direct mail piece,” once they get it out of their mailbox and how to engage them once they do start to read the mail piece. 

Studies show that the benefits of direct mail marketing used along with digital marketing increases response rate and brand recognition. 

  1. STAND OUT WITH THE RIGHT ENVELOPE.  Non-profit organizations must follow some guidelines regarding positioning of their return address and permit, but there are lots of options available to help make your mail piece stand out. (Examples: Tag lines on envelopes, bold artwork, oversized envelopes and more)
  2. USE VARIABLE DATA PRINTING (VDP).  Variable data is when you personalize your mail piece. These pieces tend to have a higher ROI (return on investment) since personalization is a significant way to connect with customers and/or prospects.   
  3. DRIVE YOUR PROSPECT/DONOR ONLINE USING YOUR MAILPIECE.  Get potential donors to go to your website for additional information by using a URL for further details and information. Think of your direct mail piece as the first step in building a new relationship. 
  4. NEWSLETTERS.  Not every direct mail piece for a non-profit organization must be a fundraising appeal.  Think outside of the box.  Send your donors and/or prospects a Newsletter or Brochure piece that shows them how their donation is being used/will be used.  This is an effective tool on how to connect with people.