How to Cope with Paper Availability Issues

If you are in the paper industry, you are already aware of the supply issues that have been going on in the manufacturing process.  If not, just to catch you up, the printing trade is going through an industry-wide problem with obtaining paper in a timely manner, as well as facing many cost increases.  

Don’t worry, printers are not going anywhere!  However, if you are planning a direct mail campaign, need business cards, envelopes or any kind of printed materials, here are some tips on how to help you manage the current situation.

  1. Plan Ahead.  Plan your print projects in advance and leave extra time for paper to arrive. 
  2. Flexibility. Being flexible about what kind of paper you can use may help to expedite your process. (Special custom paper takes longer) 
  3. Communication. Stay in contact with your print vendor and keep them in the loop during the quote process on when your due date is.