4 Ways Printed Marketing Materials Engage Users

In a technological world where everyone is digitally connected it makes sense to promote your business digitally across multiple platforms. But what about print? Many marketing professionals ask the question – is print a good investment for ROI on marketing initiatives?

The answer is YES! Absolutely. Print isn’t dead. In fact, it’s very much alive and well designed printed advertisements actively engage our brains!

Print Materials Increase Retention

According to research from Temple University consumer neuroscience researchers in a study conducted for the U.S. Post Office, the results make a very compelling argument for the value of print marketing. Their conclusion states that, “…companies that want to generate a more accurate memory of an ad, for better recall during a purchase, would be served best by physical ads.” Additionally, the study noted that physical ads generate areas of the brain linked to real-world market behavior.  

Below are four ways that printed materials including brochures and direct mail are important for the success of your advertising and marketing campaign.

Improved Comprehension

People quickly skim information when reading online and are often distracted by other on-screen elements including ads, pop-ups, notifications.  However, when reading the information printed on paper the reading pattern is a lot more deliberate and they can process more information thus promoting a deeper level of understanding.

Increased Retention

While reading on paper, the reader must slow down and this contributes to better comprehension and recollection. Research shows that multi-sensory experiences that come from holding and manipulating printed materials improve the connections that are formed between abstract and reality.

Emotional Connection

The multi-sensory experiences and connections which are formed by holding and reading something tangible while processing information facilitates a more memorable and distinct experience.  It is easier to recall something that we can touch and feel than something that is digital and impersonal.  

Promote Long-Term Brand Recognition

TV campaigns, as well as online campaigns, begin to diminish with continuous exposure. This is totally different for print materials marketing. With repeated multi-channel exposure to your brand, ad awareness will keep improving.

Want to learn more about the results of the study? Check it out for yourself!