How Changes in Vendor Diversity Status Affect Non-profits and Corporate Print Purchasing

Some big changes in vendor status have non-profits and corporations looking for new options. For example, CRW Graphics, a former WBENC Certified business was recently acquired and lost its Diversity Status, which led to some clients losing out on their tax incentives and goodwill that comes along with using a Diversity vendor.

Certified WBENC Printing Company

WHY does working with a WBENC Certified company matter?

  1. In most states, organizations are required to use diversified vendors.
  2. Tax incentives, especially in the for-profit world can be significant.
  3. Diversity brings innovation by creating an environment where “outside the box” ideas are heard.
  4. Promoting that your business engages Diversity vendors creates goodwill in your community and beyond.
  5. Corporations that focus on Diversity vendors attract top talent. 
  6. Non-profit organizations attract more volunteers and donors when promoting Diversity vendors. 

WHY engage a WBENC Certified business for your commercial printing:

  1. Traditionally, the commercial printing industry was predominately male, so creating more opportunities for women to break into the space is important to many organizations.
  2. While commercial printing jobs, in general, are perceived as a commodity, many WBENC print vendors are service-oriented, providing high-level customer experiences.
  3. Securing WBENC’s certification is a very detailed process; including an in-depth review of the company and its business practices; which gives them a stamp of approval. Knowing that your commercial printing vendor has been vetted on every level offers peace of mind.

If your commercial printer is not WBENC certified and you’d like to explore options, reach out to or call (484) 243-6167.