Five Simple Rules to Follow to Create an Effective Brochure

Effective Brochure DesignThere are thousands if not millions of articles online regarding the art to creating effective brochures, our simple guide is a bit different. As a brochure printing company, we have seen hundreds of brochure designs come through our doors for printing and there are five rules all of the most effective brochures follow.

1. No one cares about you.
You care about your company, but your reader is only interested in what your company can do for them. Make your reader the focus of your content.

2. People like pretty.
Use beautiful images to quickly convey what services,  products, or solutions your company is offering. Focus on creating a clean design that has plenty of white space, and avoid too many colors that can be visually overwhelming.

3. No one likes homework.
Unless you plan on the details of your brochure keep it simple. If you present your reader with a wall of text, it’s going to feel like a homework assignment and chances are they will set it down and walk away. Break up the text with headlines, bullet points, and infographics. Think more along the lines of presenting the “Cliff Notes” of your business, not the autobiography.

4. Go back to the 90’s.
Don’t use the same artwork you’ve been using for the past 20 years. If your brochure looks outdated, potential customers will think your company is too.

5. Be the boss.
People need to be told what to do. Make sure your call to action is clear and make sure you include an easy way to do it.Don’t over complicated it. Keep it under two steps if possible, the more steps you have, the more likely someone will quit mid-way through.

Extra – It’s sad that we even have to say this but you’d be surprised how many brochures are created without contact information or incorrect information. Be sure to included at a minimum your phone number, address, and website.  Then check, and DOUBLE-CHECK that information. Nothing is worse than having to reprint thousands of brochures do to an incorrect phone number.

If you follow these rules you’re be ready to print an amazing brochure in no time!

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