Word of Today: Digital Proof

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Word of Today: Digital Proof

A digital proof is typically supplied in a PDF format. It is created from the supplied artwork for printing and the adjusted for color separations to check to see if there will be any errors or irregularities when printed. This is not the same as a hard proof. Or physical printout to check colors and final positioning. At Magagna & Company digital proofs are always free! Beware of any printing companies that do not supply PDF proofs. Read more

Word of Today: Demy

A demy is a print industry term used to describe a standard sized piece of paper measuring 17.5 x 22.5 inches. Read more

Nancy Magagna featured guest on WRNW1

President of Magagna & Company, Nancy Magagna was featured on the new WRNW1 -Womans Radio Network  radio show / podcast yesterday. In her short segment, she was interviewed by Roger Moore and discussed the future of Magagna & Company and how the company is able to set itself apart from its competitors. A few highlights include: We are a certified WBENC and Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) We have excellent customer service and put this above all else As a one-stop-shop ... Read more

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign a Success

Almost exactly one year ago today The Huffington Post posted a blog on why Direct Mail isn't dead. We agree! It's a great way to put your business in the home or office or your target audience. It's also still a great and profitable way for non-profit organizations to raise funding during their annual appeals. In the article they list go over six different ways to make your direct marketing campaign a success. Read our simplified list below. 5 Ways to Nail a Direct ... Read more

Word of Today: Bleed

Printing Bleed or Bleed: Extra ink area that crosses the trim line. It is necessary for the production of printed materials that have artwork or text that extend beyond (or bleed off of) the edge of the final piece. The smallest "bleed" that we recommend when preparing your artwork for print is 1/8 inch or .1275. For help setting up proper bleeds in Adobe Illustrator click here. Read more

Accordion Fold

An Accordion Fold is a type of paper folding in which each fold runs in the opposite direction to the previous fold creating a pleated or accordion affect. In printing an Accordion Fold is most commonly seen in brochures as an alternative to the standard "Tri-Fold." Read more

Coated Paper vs Uncoated Paper

There are limitless choices of paper or "stock" as we like to call it but it all boils down into to main categories. Coated Paper and Uncoated Paper. Coated Paper Coating is a process by which paper is coated using blades or rollers to apply the coating agent for improved brightness or printing properties.  This process of "sealing" the the paper allows the coating to fill in the tiny crevices between the fibers of the paper to give it a smooth, flat surface. Depending on the ... Read more
Effective Brochure Design

Five Simple Rules to Follow to Create an Effective Brochure

There are thousands if not millions of articles online regarding the art to creating effective brochures, our simple guide is a bit different. As a brochure printing company, we have seen hundreds of brochure designs come through our doors for printing and there are five rules all of the most effective brochures follow. 1. No one cares about you. You care about your company, but your reader is only interested in what your company can do for them. Make your reader the focus of ... Read more

What is Digital Printing?

Digital Printing: Digital printing is the cheapest way to go for smaller print runs. It uses a process more similar to a home or office printer that creates the image directly on the paper instead of transferring ink to plates. It is also the only way to print items that require variable data such as a unique code, name, or address.Digital prints CMYK, Black and White or CMYK blends of spot colors. According to Wikipedia, digital printing is defined as: ...methods of printing from a digital-based image ... Read more

What Is Offset Printing?

Web offset printing or just simply "offset printing" is a commonly used printing technique in which the  inked image is transferred (or "offset") from a plate to a rubber blanket, and then to the printing surface (usually paper). The modern "web" process uses a large roll / reel of paper that feeds through a large printing press which continually prints as the paper is fed through. When using individual sheets of paper this process is called sheet fed offset printing. The Steps in the Offset Printing Process The ... Read more
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